Soon after starting his career as a data security engineer in the early 2010s, Ethan Gregory Dodge quickly learned the empowering effect transparency can have on those negatively impacted by obfuscated processes and systems. Subsequently, he developed a deep appreciation for the role the press played in bringing about said transparency. In early 2016, Dodge experienced a complete change in world view upon abandoning the orthodox Mormon belief system he was raised with, a decision largely influenced by his church's own obfuscations. Despite having left the religion, Ethan has found the culture of Mormonism to be important to his identity and continues studying the religious movement's history and progression as a secular Mormon. In late 2016, he was a founding member of the MormonLeaks.io team where his passions of transparency and Mormonism converged. A year later, he co-founded the Truth & Transparency Foundation, a nonprofit newsroom dedicated to empowering the disenfranshised by promoting transparency within religious institutions. Dodge holds a bachelor's degree in information technology from Utah Valley University and continues his work as both a technologist and a journalist by exploring technology's impact on modern privacy and security and the intersection thereof with religion.