Below are interviews I have done on various podcasts or YouTube channels as well as news articles in which I'm quoted. If you'd like to interview me, please contact me. Thank you.

Title Outlet Outlet Type Date
Truth and Transparancy with Ethan Dodge and Tracie Harris Left at the Valley Podcast January 20, 2020
Between Truth and Transparency The Right to Reason Podcast December 18, 2019
Truth & Transparency The Phil Ferguson Show Podcast November 16, 2019
Safe harbor needs to be built to provide haven for ethical hackers The Daily Swig Online Newspaper June 5, 2019
New Bill by Senator Jerry Hill Requires Clergy to Report Child Abuse and Neglect Under Any Circumstances Senator Jerry Hill's Office Legislative Press Release February 20, 2019
The Non-Prophets 18.04 with Denis Loubet, Jamie Boone, Kevin Stein, & Ethan Gregory Dodge The Non-Prohphets Podcast February 20, 2019
Sunstone Podcast Episode 6: An Interview with the Truth and Transparency Foundation Sunstone Podcast Podcast February 7, 2019
Jehovah’s Witnesses Lawyer Demands Takedown of Documents from FaithLeaks The Friendly Atheist Blog January 14, 2019
El limite de la confesión Telemundo Utah Television News November 8, 2018
Godless Bitches 04.14 with Clare Wuellner, Jen Peeples, Tracie Harris, & Ethan Dodge Godless Bitches Podcast November 3, 2018
A Q&A with MormonLeaks officials and their quest to expose the faith’s secrets Mormon Land Podcast August 7, 2018
Interview w/Ethan Dodge, Sam’s Hunger Strike Update, and BYU’s Amnesty Loophole Mormon Happy Hour Podcast August 7, 2018
Sacred Cow: MormonLeaks team puts its transparency crusade into historical context Salt Lake City Weekly Newspaper July 27, 2018
Latter-day Leaks: Inside Ryan McKnight’s crusade for transparency within the LDS Church Salt Lake City Weekly Newspaper July 4, 2018
Financial Transparency w/MormonLeaks & Gay Wedding Bliss Mormon Happy Hour Podcast June 15, 2018 - Ethan Dodge - A Mormonfan Interveiw Mormonfan YouTube Channel June 1, 2018
The men of MormonLeaks — Why they do it and what they’re after KUTV 2News Television News May 1, 2018
Breaking Interview w/Ethan Dodge of MormonLeaks on Joseph Bishop Sexual Assault Leak Mormon Happy Hour Podcast March 20, 2018
Curling, Canadians, Cults and More w/ Ethan Dodge of FaithLeaks SarahTalk Podcast February 12, 2018
MormonLeaks Minute - Episode 87 Naked Mormonism Podcast January 25, 2018
The Palmer Leak - Episode 8 Watchtower: In Focus YouTube Channel January 12, 2018
New Whistleblower Site FaithLeaks Releases Confidential Documents About Child Sexual Abuse in Jehovah’s Witnesses Community Gizmodo Online News January 9, 2018
Episode #22: Week of 4 December 2017 Mormon News Report Podcast December 4, 2017
Does Your Church Have Secrets? FaithLeaks Wants To Know All About Them The Friendly Atheist Blog November 7, 2017
Memo to all religions: MormonLeaks may be coming after you with new FaithLeaks site Salt Lake Tribune Newspaper November 6, 2017
MormonLeaks Minute - Episode 72 Naked Mormonism Podcast October 12, 2017
MormonLeaks: Privacy Pratt Revealed Infants on Thrones Podcast October 1, 2017
MormonLeaks Goes to Battle With Mormon Church Over Leaked 'Enemy List' Gizmodo Online News March 17, 2017
MormonLeaks Infants on Thrones Podcast January 13, 2017