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Title Conference Date
How WHOIS Data Uncovered $32 Billion Connected to the Mormon Church Defcon Recon Village August 11, 2018
From MormonLeaks™ to FaithLeaks Defcon Skytalks August 10, 2018
The History of Transparency and Censorship within the LDS Church Sunstone Symposium July 27, 2018
MormonLeaks: The LDS Church and Transparency Sunstone Symposium July 26, 2018
Inside MormonLeaks™ Defcon Skytalks July 29, 2017
An Introduction to MormonLeaks™ Sunstone Symposium July 27, 2017
Inside MormonLeaks™ BSidesLV (Underground) July 25, 2017
Wrestling With Yourself: Dealing With Impostor Syndrome in InfoSec SAINTCon October 12, 2016
Protecting Your Brand With Defensive OSINT Tactics SAINTCon October 12, 2016
Googling Like a Boss: Expanding the Powers of OSINT BSidesSLC March 10, 2016
Digital Intelligence Gathering: Using the Powers of OSINT for Both Blue and Red Teams BSidesSF February 29, 2016
Infosec: Up and Running SAINTCon October 27, 2015
Security Onions and Honeypotz BSidesSLC March 21, 2015